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September 16, 2006

Going to the Huskies game!

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A friend of mine has season tickets to the University of Washington Huskies and he has an extra ticket!  Woohoo!  It should be a pretty interesting game as we’re playing Fresno State.  I have a feeling that it’s not going to be great for our end.  Oh well!  Keep the hopes up, right?  I’m going to be tailgating with a great group of irreverent, cool guys called the Slumber Queen Crew.  These guys are some of the most rabid Husky fans I’ve ever seen!  Should be a blast!

Shangri-La has been going pretty well, but I’ve been slacking a little on taking my ELOO regularly.  I’ve been taking it in the morning, but when I come home at night I’ve been forgetting.  It’s sort of part of my routine now, but apparently not quite burned into my head yet.  I’ve been doing some walking, push ups, and sit ups but my weight has been hovering around the same.  Still down six pounds.  Though, I feel like I’ve been getting skinnier.  I’d like to think that it’s because I’m building muscle mass.  Yeah, that’s it!

I’m still a little wigged out by the fact that I’m actually DOING something about it instead of whining all the time.  I feel totally empowered.  ‘Tis wonderful.



September 6, 2006

Mt. St. Helens and Shangri-la Day Two

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I was fully intending on heading out on my new adventure on Monday. However, Carrie and I were inspired Monday morning to take a trip to Mount St. Helens. Carrie had never been to see the mountain although she’s grown up in Washington! We had a wonderful day driving down I-5 and see the gorgeous scenery. Pictures will follow shortly!

Day Two of Shangri-La has been interesting. Yesterday, I took the olive oil and sugar water in the morning and evening. However, both times I either drank the sugar water too quickly or I seem to be somewhat sensitive to it. My blood sugar shot through the roof and then I crashed shortly thereafter. I tried drinking it MUCH more shortly this morning and it still was pretty intense. I decided to try only olive oil this evening and it’s been working great.

My appetite has shrunk quite a bit as well. It’s really sort of weird. Since I don’t have a scale (I’ll be getting one this week), I can’t actually weigh myself to know if it’s working!

More to follow later.

UPDATE:  Added a few pictures of the trip to Mt. St. Helens.   The link to my Flickr set is here.

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