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September 2, 2006


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I just finished reading the book “The Shangri-la Diet” by Dr. Seth Roberts.

I have to admit that it is a fascinating way of thinking! I hate diets. I despise them. I think they’re often fruitless and ultimately lead to a yo-yo effect on your weight.

I’ve been looking for something that was more along the lines of a lifestyle change as opposed to a short term fix to my extra pounds. Hopefully, I’ve found that in this book.

The general idea of the method is each person has a weight “set point” which the body wants to maintain. Some foods can raise or lower the weight set point. By eating foods that have little to no flavor, the set point can be lowered.

It’s obviously more complex than that, but it is one of the things I’ve gleaned. So, this afternoon or evening I’ll be trying it out. For the next few weeks, I’ll be taking extra-light olive oil (ELOO) morning and night and gauging the effects on my appetite. If it works, right on! I’m a path to losing weight! If not, well, I’ll have to try something else.

I will also be attempting to keep track of the results (namely my appetite and how I’m feeling) here until the category “Shangri-La”.  I don’t own a scale at this immediate moment, so it’ll have to be that instead of the cold, hard weight numbers.

I’m thoroughly excited about this. Not necessarily for the ‘diet’ aspect of it, but of changes I can make in my own life when I decide I want to do something. It’s similar to starting this blog. I’ve wanted to start blogging for a really long time, but I just didn’t do it. Being spurred by killing my television I’ve started to gradually make things different. Life changes take time. I know this but now I do think I can do it. Finally.



  1. Wish you luck with this.

    Comment by Stephen M (Ethesis) — September 6, 2006 @ 8:47 pm

  2. […] I was fully intending on heading out on my new adventure on Monday.  However, Carrie and I were inspired Monday morning to take a trip to Mount St. Helens.  Carrie had never been to see the mountain although she’s grown up in Washington!  We had a wonderful day driving down I-5 and see the gorgeous scenery.  Pictures will follow shortly! […]

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